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We are nothing like a conference centre but we do (almost) everything a conference centre can. And more. We do great food, great air, great coffee. We have big spaces where 200 people or more can sit down to eat together, to engage with a presentation, be entertained, dance, sing, play. We have multiple small intimate spaces indoor & out where small groups can think, work, plan, design & dream.

We don’t do carpet, air conditioning, or vending machines.


Lord of the manor or simple luxury. We have a Georgian farmhouse, crogloft cottages and a range of highly comfortable tented and cabin accommodation, all beautifully designed and built by us.

Food & drink

We take pride in our food. We grow our own salads, greens and tomatoes. We are blessed with fantastic meat, seafood and vegetables on our doorstep. That makes it easy to keep it simple, seasonal, local, delicious. We have our own cooks. Everything is freshly prepared. Whenever we can, we cook outdoors: clay oven, wood-smoker, barbecue, spit roast. Whatever your food preferences or the menu you select, you can be sure each dish will feature the best of local, beautifully cooked.


Spaces to eat, listen, play, watch, create, learn and relax. Large barns for conferences and dining to intimate nooks and crannies for 1 to 1's. Speak to us about what you need.